Helping all humanity slow aging and increase immunity

  • The App that monitors your rate of aging

    Humanity helps you to understand which actions you’re taking to slow down, or even reverse your rate of aging. Let’s do this!

  • Your daily Humanity Score guides you to a healthier, longer life

    Track your daily actions to see how it affects
    your Rate of Aging

  • Monitor your Rate of Aging

    See how your Rate of Aging and Biological Age
    are affected by your actions

Next level motivation
Love this app! Definitely motivates me to keep healthy habits as compared to others my age. Continually looking forward to what new features you’re going to roll out!
Improves all aspects of life
I’m really enjoying the little “jobs” the app creates to rake in more points. I also enjoy all the different aspects they cover regarding mind, body, and mental health . Keep it going guys. Great job’ will upgrade soon;)
Always with me
It’s literally the only thing I consistently check and update. The gamification of it makes it fantastic to use.

Discover the secret in your cells

Your digital, blood and genetic markers can tell you how to slow your aging

Product: Yearly Humanity Premium

Payment amount: $49.99