How fast are you aging?

This 5 minute quiz will give you an instant estimate of how you’re aging.

Your Humanity Rate of Aging will be measured using our AI developed algorithm, based on thousands of real life outcomes.

Let’s find out!

When were you born?

How long you have lived helps to calibrate your Rate of Aging.

What do you think your Rate of Aging will be?

How old you feel helps predict various health outcomes.

  • Slow
    I’m definitely aging slowly
  • Moderate
    I feel pretty accurate to my actual age
  • Fast
    I feel like I’m aging really fast
  • Choosing Slow reflects a confidence in your current health habits – let’s see if we can help you maintain and even improve this long term.

  • People who select Moderate tend to be realists. This suggests you know that good health and long life take work – we’re here to help.

  • Selecting Fast shows you know that something needs to change. Don’t worry – you’re in the right place.

What are your height and weight?

Physical characteristics can have an affect on how we age.


How active are you in an average week?

Your activity levels have an impact on your Rate of Aging.

0 min of medium intensity activity or 0 min of high intensity activity
  • Inactive
  • Active
  • Very active

How would you rate your emotional health?

Mood and mental health are key to aging.

I’ve been feeling OK

How much water do you drink daily?

8oz or 250ml is approximately 1 glass of water.


How many meals and snacks do you have per day?

When and how often we eat is just as important as what we eat.

0 Meals
0 Snacks

When do you eat each day?

How long your body gets to process food between meals can impact your health and aging.

  • First food of the day
  • Last food of the day
Please fill in both fields and makes sure that first food of the day is earlier than last food of the day
24 hour
Your daily fast is
00h 00

What is your daily plant intake?

A portion is approx. half a cup vegetables or fruit.


Do you have dairy in your diet?

  • Every day
  • Some days
  • Never

How much alcohol do you drink in a normal week?

One drink is equal to 8oz (or 1/2 pint) of beer, a small glass of wine or a shot of spirit.

0 drinks / week
  • 0 drinks
  • 10 drinks
  • >20 drinks

What about fast food, pastries and cakes in a week?

The amount of processed foods that you eat can affect your aging.

  • Every day
  • More than once a week
  • Less than once a week

Do you smoke?

Smoking can lead to an increased Rate of Aging.

  • Never smoked
  • Ex smoker
  • Current smoker

How many hours a day are you sitting?

Sitting for long periods each day can increase overall health risk.

How much sleep do you get each day?

Sleep is an important predictor of aging and health.

Before we analyze your answers, please share your name and email.

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Have you had any blood test done in the last 5 months?

  • Yes
  • No
We are calculating your Rate of Aging...
  • At Humanity, our mission is to give a billion healthy years back to all humans by 2030.

  • We’re using cutting edge research and AI to tell you exactly what steps to take to slow down your aging and maximise your healthspan.

  • Using our app, you can track and improve your movement, nutrition, mind and recovery – and see what really works with our aging scores.

Your Rate of Aging is
Slow Moderate Fast
Accuracy: Low

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